What Do Data Recovery Services See When Recovering Your Files?

When discussing a data recovery service, you may be wondering if they can see the contents of your files. Rest assured, professional data recovery services take all the necessary steps to keep your data safe and secure. As long as the laboratory is reputable and cares about its customers, their personal information and sensitive data will be safe. For customers with even more stringent data recovery privacy requirements, Gillware can agree to other confidentiality agreements as needed.

Data recovery services are designed to recover lost or damaged data. Depending on the file systems before and after reformatting, the results of recovering data will vary widely with the first method. Some operating systems simply mark the file as deleted and retain all the metadata of the file until it needs to be overwritten with metadata about a new file. For adjoining files, where the data is grouped on the disk, this process is very simple.

If data recovery software can identify the initial and final signature of the file, the file can be easily identified and retrieved. It then searches for the file address, goes to the specified location on the disk, and then reads the data from the file. Although the service data on the original hard drive and the information about the partition structure are lost, the rest of the data on the drive remains intact. In any given week, a professional data recovery service provider can easily recover more than 10 million images with 20 TB of data.

When it comes to HIPAA-protected healthcare customer data, Gillware takes all appropriate measures to comply with HIPAA compliant data recovery privacy standards. Of course, when you need a data recovery service provider, you'll want to choose one with secure data recovery facilities and a commitment to keeping your data safe. While the information about the files and folders may appear correct, the metadata may indicate incorrect physical addresses for the files that were in the process of being moved.

Professional data recovery often requires years of experience and a deep understanding of technical nuances of file systems and disk physics. Learning these basics can help you set reasonable expectations for your data recovery software. Rest assured that when you use a professional data recovery service provider, your personal information and sensitive data will be safe.

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